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17 Apr | 21:32
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danny singer

Male, 32 yo, Single
Eilat, Israel (293117)

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My name is danny singer age of 32 I'm a Single living in Eilat. I'm a looing for Friendship, Fun, Trip, Not binding, Conversation, Long term. my education is Bachelor's degree, my occupation is Music Economic status Established. my origin is Mixed, My political beliefs tend to the Right wing. I'm a Jewish Other. I speak English, Russian, y zodiac sign is Capricorn. I'm a smoke regularly and I'm a drink alcohol On occasion.
I've been here before Over 2 month. I updated my profile before Over 2 month.
מראה חיצוני
I look Very good and my body is Sexy. I have a Blonde Smooth hair and Green eyes. i'm 180 c"m tall.
I'm looking for
Female In age of : 18 to: 24
Within : 20 miles from Eilat, Israel
I can tell you that
בילויים ותחביבים
I love to spend time in : Coffee houses, Parties, Pubs, Restaurants, Stand up
 My hobbies are : Creation, Music, Musical instrument, Sports, Writing
Music & Food
Favorite Music : Alternative, Blues, Jazz, Oldies, Rock
I Enjoy eating : American, Italian, Mexican, South american
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